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Become a professional of film and audiovisual language: course recognized by Marche Region system - EQF 7 qualification

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The two-years course of Cinematographic and television director (Video Course) is a technical-practical course of cinema and audiovisual language that will allow participants to orient themselves in the sector and acquire professional skills for the world of work. From the first year the course will allow students to express their creativity and skills realizing project work, short, documentary, videclip or animated video.

Starting from design to reach cinema and new media, understanding the needs of contemporary professional scenarios.

The course, lasting 1.200 hours, let students acquire essential theoretical skills to operate in the cinema and audiovisual sector (History of Italian and international cinema, script models, the transformations of the narrative system in TV series, production and distribution of audiovisual products, etc.), working on the production of an audiovisual product. The practical part of the course will allow students to acquire a concrete knowledge of the production, of its multiple articulations, promoting a deep awareness of their specific aptitudes.

During the second year the course will orient students towards the single specific professions of the sector (screenwriter, camera operator, director of photography, sound engineer, etc.)

Professional Opportunities

  • Scriptwriter
  • Cinematographer
  • Production Director
  • Video Editor
  • Director



2 years

Hours / Frequency:

1200 hours/full time

Total credits:




Title released

Course recognized by the Marche Region - EQF 7 qualification (European Qualification Framework)


€ 4.640,00/year

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TEACHING | Academic year 2023/2024

1° Year

Tecniche digitali per il cinema I


Storia del Cinema


Sceneggiatura cinematografica

Regia I

Project work

Produzione cinematografica I

Fotografia cinematografica I


2° Year

Teoria e tecnica televisiva

Sound design

Sceneggiatura cinematografica e seriale

Regia II

Produzione e distribuzione cinematografica

Produzione e distribuzione cinematografica

Fotografia cinematografica II

Editing e color

Computer graphics e new media II

Computer graphics e new media


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